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In 2017 The Dancing Mummy team launched their range of products helping to get a happier and healthier you! Always run down and tired, I was ageing before my own eyes! I needed something to change! My skin looked awful and i was getting spots!! I didnt get them as a teenager so why now???

TRUTH…I was eating badly not drinking enough and basically lacking good nutrition!

IMG_1569Then I discovered some magic beans that have truly helped me and so many others!

30 Different fruits and vegetables in a capsule that did everything I needed to when I didnt have time to actually eat 30plus fruit and veg!

In the first 6 weeks my skin changed so much and I had a real energy boost! Plus I felt so much more happier 🙂 Win win!!

I took the premium capsules and haven’t looked back. Ive since started on the shakes too and am feeling better than ever! You can see my weightloss results below! Watch this space for more updates and customer testimonials.

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