Life with a one year old…

ok,ok,ok… So I’ve been officially rubbish at keeping up with this!!

In my defense, life with a one year old just doesn’t give half hour to sit down and write! So today is a rare occasion and thought I’d sit down for 5 minutes and let you know what has been going on in our house….and what life with a one year old really is like!

So…our flat is currently being renovated/decorated…the kitchen is being done while I write. Hence why I have 5 minutes as I can’t go in there and Lennon is asleep. We have flooring being laid in a few weeks throughout and our bathroom is being ripped out in June! I will share this all with you in a separate blog once all done. Before and after pics coming up…

Work was manic over the past few months. We had two shows going on and the hours were full on and the stress levels were high. However that’s all done and dusted now and we are currently enjoying a much more relaxed term.

Then there’s life with a one year old….. hmmmmmm

No one truly warns you about these stages do they? People say the baby stage is hard….NO NO NO… that stage was a breeze in comparison!!! Ok so you’re a bit tired when they don’t sleep, but throw in the having to have eyes in the back of your head and you truly learn what tired is!!

What scares me more is, after a conversation with my step mum yesterday she informed me this definitely one of the hardest stages. from now up until about 3!!


So this is just the beginning? oh dear…

People warned me before he started walking that when they start its super hard…they weren’t lying! You literally do have to have eyes in the back of your head! Yesterday I found the baking soda in Lennons washing bin… and the salad dressing under the sofa….there is only one reason those were there!

He also has learnt how to throw…

And for those of you that are on my Facebook will see this weeks disaster which was Lennon had decided to throw something at my TV. My tv which is only about 6 months old at most… the screen cracked and I now have half a picture…





Not only that he also decided whilst in the supermarket to practice his shot, whilst my back was turned with a bag of crisps. He launched them directly at the back of a guy’s head and was bang on target!! I looked at the guy mortified. Although an awesome shot for a little one, not what you need on your weekly trip to Aldi!!!! Luckily the guy was a good laugh and just congratulated Lennon on his throw….

The thing is when you attempt to introduce discipline he finds it hilarious! Probably thinking ” Woah why is she being so loud..”. He thinks it’s a game. So after much sought out advice I think we’ve worked how to deal with it better and ensure rules start to get become apart of our routine.

I’m certain I’ve asked this question before but why oh why is there not a parenting manual? haha.. I guess there’s plenty of books to help you but I personally think winging it is the way forward!!

Having a one year old also has lots of great points! He has a real character and it’s really come out! We all say he’s destined to be an actor as some of the things he does are so funny! He also loves pulling the funniest faces and imitates what we do all the time!

He’s also so loving! You ask for a kiss and you get one. Or a hug. He still loves his mummy cuddle and quite often sits with his dad snuggled up watching TV. These moments are the best! You definitely forget that tough parts when these moments happen!

So the adventures continue. I will attempt to log them as we go but I don’t see myself whipping out blogs as quickly as I did previously due to NEVER having 5 mins alone!

But saying that now we have no tv…maybe I will!!

Silver lining and all that…

Much love






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