Lennon turned one!

So im a few days late on this one as it’s been a very manic week but…

My baby turned one!!


I can’t actually believe it! Where on earth did that first year go?? It’s completely flew by. So many new experiences and many highs and lows, it has been the most challenging but rewarding year yet! I’ve loved every second of him being apart of our team and Wayne and I often say…what the heck did we do with our time before him??

I hope I’m not the only one, but I have to say I felt extra emotional! I mean I’m usually an emotional wreck over most things but this in particular was tough! I kept filling up at the thought he’s now moving into toddler stage. He’s no longer a baby but a little boy… or maybe I was emotional at the fact he’s going to approach terrible two’s soon…I dont know? Either way it was an emotional week!!

IMG_2437For his birthday I had planned a little party… Wayne was very adamant that I keep it small and just have a few people…..oops! I don’t think it could have been more manic if I tried. There was something along the lines of 19 kids…most under two! Lots of aunties and uncles and you know I already have a huge family so it was never going to be small. We had a hall and hired in a soft play company called Bouncing Bunnies who I couldn’t recommend enough! They were superb and sooooo good for the money! The party was a success and I throughly enjoyed it!

Lennon on the other hand….was very overwhelmed! Oops again! He’s not a fan of lots of people and wasn’t very happy, but after an hour or so he eventually got into and loved it!!


It’s hard to know what to get a one year old for their birthday! He has so many toys and doesn’t even play with them all! Everyone that came totally spoiled him. We decided to buy him some lovely outfits as he’s moving up to next age clothes and I made Lennon a first year if his life book! I enjoyed making it and the family loved it. Once again i cried though!!! haha..



To mark him turning one I really wanted to have a cake smash done but with all the other expenses I just couldn’t justify paying out almost £200 for one….

So my mum and aunty had planned to do one in her living room as a surprise for me and once I caught wind of this I just wanted to get involved! This is the result…


Ok so their not studio photographer quality but I love them and we had lots of fun doing it and eating the cake!! So HUGE thanks to my wonderful mum and aunty for setting this up!!

As I reflect back on the past year it truly has been best year of my life! My little life changer has been such a joy and I can’t wait for the next year and what it will bring. No doubt I’ll be telling you all about it!

Much Love



Life changer Lennon

The 7 P’s.

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