So you want to dance…

Over the past 10 years the standard and want to have a career in the dance industry or entertainment industry is so big. More children see dance on  their TV and you tube and social media stars that it has become so much more appealable! Understandably! However with the growth in interest the growth in standard has gone up greatly! Nowadays to succeed and have a successful career you need to be at the TOP of your game!! If you are considering this here my opionion on what you need to consider and what you need to be doing….

Photo_4_-_Anna_Zhavoronkova1 – Ballet

Ballet is the basis if everything! EVERYTHING!! I believe even if your an insane street dancer,  going back to the basic’s of ballet will help with your strength and understanding of the body and of dance. Plus if our looking to go to a dance college they won’t even look at you without ballet training. Most jobs require some sort of ballet training and it is just essential!!

tec-logo2- Whose teaching your children?

Do your research!!!!! I would never consider taken my children to a school that’s standard is anything less than great. Of course I would be extra picky as I’ve danced my whole life so I’d know what to look for! But look at the senior students in your school! Go watch the productions… this tells you eveything!! Do you look at the seniors and go WOW… if you don’t, find a school that does make you do that otherwise that will be you or your child in years to come! Don’t leave that too late… Training is everything! What do they teach at the school? what qualifications do they have? How well do they do in comps? If you are taking it seriously then you would be asking these things! Its one of the most noticable things at the school Iwork… qualifications to the highest level, unbelievably high exam results and dancers from the age of 9 that make you go WOW…

Have a look for yourself or even better come see our show…

3- Practice

Becoming a dancer is like becoming an athlete… you don’t just get somewhere by going to classes….if you are taking this seriously you need to have a chart on your wall with you daily exercises you are working on to better yourself! If your prepping for college or an exam or to just better yourself you should be doing this everyday.


Types-of-Dances-bingo4 – Knowledge is power

How many styles do you know? I would make it your mission to have  a basic understanding of as much as you can!! When I got the job at Steppin’ out I was just teaching a commercial class! The students were all trained to a high level of ballet, tap modern etc but small amount of commercial and street style. But the principal  and students knowing how essential it is to broaden your horizon of dance styles ready for the big bad world hired me to bring a little sass to street! The best thing I heard was when at a comp they were asked to freestyle and one of the girls said she pulled out a waacking combo I had taught her and no one in the class had done this style so she got noticed! This made my day as just having that basic knowledge of a completely random style got her noticed!! So go to classes try EVERY style…even if you hate it! Knowledge is power!!!

5-  Understand your teachers

I defo get this now I am a teacher but understanding your teachers and their intentions is essential! You may want to kill us when we make you dance the adage enchainment for the 15th time because you forgot to point your toes, or make you do another set of sit ups in the conditioning class or run the routine your soooooo bored of for the 100th time just to check its gels well…. but all this is for you! To help  work towards a better career or a better understanding of dance! To help you personally progress and be the best you could possibly be! Your teachers getting fraustrated at you is preparing you not only for a life in dance but life in general! It helps you be displined and have respect and that is essential not only in this industry but is everyone! So listen and understand them and you will go so much further!!


This is only a few things I believe can help you! There are so so much more to be a great dancer like

  • Learn a trick…or two
  • Be confident
  • Learn to sing and act
  • Know your background…my age 5 dancers can name all street styles and their origin!
  • Plus remember you can never stop learning!


Above all dancing gives you so much! Not only physically but emotionally! You can travel the world, feel free and get paid to do a job you love!!

As I sit here and write this my partner has major sunday blues! Well…in our world that doesn’t exsist!!

Much love




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