Im still here…

So it’s mid Feb and I’m yet to have written a blog!


Don’t worry i’m not giving up just yet! I’ve just had a busy start to the year! I’ve started doing some rooms in the house, this has been a slow process!! I’m not the most DIY savvy… Endless phones calls to my mother for help.

I’ve taken on more hours at work and we have been working on our production show! So Ive been doing lots of work and preperation on that! Blog coming soon regarding this!

Lennon has gotten much bigger and takes up much more of my time. He no longer naps or just sits in his walker…he now likes to play!! Which I’m more than happy with! Just sadly a little less time for Blogging!!

I have 4 or 5 blogs on the go that I’m working on so I will get on and finish them….eventually! Im determined to write as much as I did last year as I found it so theraputic and was good to have a little me time doing so!! Ive been asked to do a few collaborations with other bloggers and some dance events so that could be good! Watch this space 🙂

Reading back through my blogs last year I don’t want to just give it up so will definetley get those ones I’m working on finished asap!!

Thanks again to all my readers last year and it’s certainly not over yet! I’m still here!!!

Much love xx



April 2017 Navy & Gold 10

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