Goodbye 2017

So as the end of year closes in I decided to reflect back on 2017. Its been an amazing year for me in many respects. Last year was a stressful year many ups and downs with buying a house, starting new jobs,  finding out I was pregnant and removing ourselves completely from out pasts and focusing on our new family. I promised myself I would put all my energy into creating a positive happy home in 2017 and I really feel I did that! I know I can say I’ve had one of the best years of my life and really didn’t waste time and energy on the negative and grabbed the positives with two hands!

In my past I was highly criticised for being negative…I remember being told….many times that I was a negative person and looked at things wrongly. I didn’t agree with this at the time and personally thought I’d always been cheery but hey ho, someone thought differently. When I changed my life around dramatically in 2015 I made a promise to myself that I would no longer be a negative person and I would ALWAYS  try to look at the good in everything and everyone! In 2016 I’d say I was pushed to my limits and didn’t live that out everyday but I gave it a good go… and hey these things don’t happen over night! Being pregnant was the biggest test as that was HARD!!!  I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy and someday’s my body just killed so yeah, I didn’t stay 100% positive when my pelvis felt like it was breaking in two…but lets blame the hormones!!

2017 was a new year…and I carried my train of thought over to this year as I had sooo much to look forward to!  SO let’s look back and see what made my 2017 one to remember…

We started January with a bang and had all my closest family and friends get together for my baby shower! We were so close to welcoming our baby into the world and I got to see all my favourites in one place! My best friend Jayde even travelled from Manchester to be with me on this day!! It was just the best! I was completely spoilt and even still working my way through products now!!

Then in February we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Lennon Christopher Shirley into the world!! This obviously was an amazing start to the year. The birth of my son will always be hands down one the best moments of my life! It was truly magical and I would go as far as saying child-birth was..ok! Of course I was so drugged up so it was bound to be fine! hahaha! But hey if all I have is good memories that’s mission achieved!!

Not long after Lennon he had some friends arrive in the world! I have to say this was brilliant as I have constantly turned to these mum’s for advice! Even the smallest thing or to have a moan, we’ve all gone through it so its been practically free therapy!

I’ve since had other close friends have babies but these boys were all born literally around same time as Lennon :-).

I turned 30!!!… Lets leave this one there…..


I went back to work!! For most this was daunting but for me it was a great new challenge! I went back after only 6 weeks and taught my usual class. But as the year progressed my hours increased and i now teach lots of classes over the week and even run a branch at Sturminster Marshall. I literally can’t wait for what 2018 brings me work wise… I’m so ready for it!

I gained a new qualification!! This was another huge highlight for me. I was lucky enough to become a ID Company member and qualify in street dance!! I absolutely loved the course and learned so much! I now teach the syllabus at steppin’ Out Academy!


I went to my first festival…and took the baby! The weather was total crap but that’s just my luck. Didn’t make me wanna go running back anytime soon to be honest it was so miserable but we did have fun on the last day when we got to see Brian Wilson!!!

I started an online course in photography. This is for a hobby that I love but want to work on! I loved to take pictures but I didn’t really have a clue what I was going on about so I invested in a course. Its taken me a while as im busy with the 500 other things i do but when i get a spare evening and babies in bed I either write or study! We will see how that progresses next year…..

I started my blog!!! This was a HUGE goal for that I’d always wanted to do but I finally took the plunge and went for it! It seems to have got off to a good start and I’m really hoping it continues!! My most popular blogs were Once a bluecoat always a bluecoat!My broken heart 💔 – Part One and Life changer Lennon! I’ve had over 15,000 views and appreciate every one of you that has taken the time to not only read it, read this, share it or give me feedback! I love you for it!!!

March 22, 2019<

I started my mum and baby fitness programme! MOAM Fit! <<<<
ting it so late in the year has been a challenge but im so excited to welcome all the new people who have signed up for January! Getting fit and being able to bring your baby along was a goal for me and finding a babysitter constantly is hard!! So hopefully in the new year or at least by summer I'll be back in those skinny jeans! Dont forget your can read all about this here.< img src=”; class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1917″ height=”300″ alt=”MOAMFIT-logo-(web-500px-wide)-SQUARE” width=”300″><<<<
had lots of family time!! You all know how important this to me. Plenty of fun days with them all including chessington and the beach which were great days! I've had some lovely quality time with both my parents, step parents and Wayne's parents and am always so grateful for everything they do for us!!!

21077538_10155172686312087_3780969947274534456_n I got to see my best friends!!! All of them came to visit Lennon and me this year and im grateful for how far they travelled! My turn next year for sure!!! Cant wait for Manchester in Feb with my Gaga girls and we actually see GAGA! Then a girls weekend just us two in May with my Jayde oh and we get to see Ed Sheeran!! xx

I started to take care of my health and began taking capsules filled with fruit and veg! It was a good decision one I’m so happy I made as im now full of energy, my skin has cleared up and I feel generally very well. I hope to work on this a lot more in 2018!


But the complete bonus of this year though is being surrounded by these two Beauties every day! My love for my boys gets stronger every day and I can’t wait for the challenges that lie ahead in 2018. As a family though we will conquer them all…

k you 2017. What a fabulous year you were!

Much Love



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