The gift that keeps on giving..

So its fast approaching! Christmas is around the corner and before you know it the year will be over and we will be launching into 2018! I feel like I have blinked and christmas has come round this year! The year has literally flown by…

A few years ago I really started to take notice how christmas had become so unbelievably commercialised and this made me sad! Its become all about gifts and the vast amount of gifts people receive. The shops just go mental pressuring the consumer to buy, buy, buy…

I’ve already mentioned in Modern Day Family  that I have a HUGE family so the pressure to buy gifts for all has become a real pressure. Not at all a pressure applied from my family but a pressure forced upon us by the media, retailers and social media ads I seem to view every 10 minutes.

A couple of years ago I decided to put it to my family that we stop this pressure and start to remember what christmas is really about. We all spend time together at christmas, we have a laugh, play games, drink and be merry instead of worrying that we have to find hundreds of pounds to give each other a gift. So we introduced a secret santa amongst all the older children, Parents and partners. We do two of these, one on my mums side and one on my dad’s side. I use a secret santa generator online and everyone receives their name via email! We then have a budget of £20 and we give these gifts on christmas day at the same time so this means everyone gets a gift that has had a lot of thought put into and we’ve all spent the same amount!! This means for me I spend £40!! It’s totally more realistic and much more fun!! We really enjoying receiving the gifts and have a real laugh at who got who and what they got them!

The thing with this for us is it brings back what christmas is about! About the thought of a token gift to say merry christmas and not the stress of getting into so much debt. I understand that this wouldn’t be for everyone’s family and some people may think its a silly idea, but I totally love it!! I really take mine seriously and think about what that person would like and make it really personal!

So on this note of remembering what christmas is all about i thought I’d focus on 5 things we should try to remember this christmas…. 

1 – The Homeless…

Not everyone wakes up on christmas morning in their new christmas pj’s running down their beautifully heated hallways to look under the trees and what father christmas bought them. Then indulge in a large cooked breakfast and drink a cuppa.. Some people wake up just as they did the previous days on the streets in the freezing cold and rain. Most days for them are tough but this day is extra tough as there is no one walking past them on the streets as they are all in the central heated homes. This makes my heart ache…please please don’t forget them this year! Whatever their circumstances give them a little hope that they can have somewhat of a good day. There are always people going to visit, doing packages and christmas help the homeless packages so keep your eye out. If we all help a little it would make a big difference!

2- The Old or Lonely…

This really makes me sad! People on their own… I can’t stand the thought of it. Sadly though there are around as many as 1 million people who have no one around them and will spend christmas day alone this is just a horrible thought!

There are charities that help with this including these guys Community Christmas. Worth a look. Such a small donation could make a huge difference!

3- Those with not as much money…

I think the pressure for people to buy lots of gifts or expensive gifts is too much! As a mum you feel pressured to give your child the latest coolest trainers, or an iPad, Xbox and 50 games! Personally for some people its unrealistic! They no matter how hard they try could afford that.

So I ask that we be a tad conscious of those that can’t affords as much when we post the 700 gifts we got little Suzie! I’m by no means saying don’t spend what you deem appropriate on your child, go for it….just don’t brag! lol xx

4- Don’t Get into debt….

I think this is important! Dont surrender to he pressure and just think sod it I’ll pop thousands on a credit card so they can have their wish list. I don’t think getting into debt for ONE DAY is worth it! Remember christmas is not just about presents it’s about sooooo much more and the gifts are an added bonus! So lets not rack up debt that we spend the rest of the year struggling to pay off! Be realistic 🙂

5- What christmas is really about…

I strongly believe that its been so over commercialised that we forget the true meaning of christmas. Yes it’s mainly a religious holiday which I think we all forget…but its also about spending time with the people we love.

All year-long we get wrapped up in lives, working, sleeping, partying, chilling and don’t just switch off from the world and look up from our phones long enough to appreciate those we love around us! So at some point over the christmas holidays…text that old friend, make time for your mum or have a phone free night with your love because there is no better time than christmas to do so.

As it fast approaches and i try to get a little more organised I want to wish you the best christmas ever!

Eat, drink and be merry!!!

Much Love


PS; Watch out for Lennon’s 7 days of christmas pics 🙂


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