To work or not to work that is the question?

This subject is one that’s close to me at the moment and happens to be relevant to ALOT of people around me too. It comes up in conversation often and it’s a real catch 22…

How can new mum’s go back to work when the cost of childcare is so extortionate?

My maternity money (which was from the government) has been a huge help these past 8 months and is due to stop next month. I mean it’s not quite what I was getting working full time but it got us through! Naturally, as it is ending I’d be going back to work…

So I’ve looked into childcare. I quite possibly got the biggest shock of my life when I realised how much that was going to cost me? Very few nurseries let you go only one day or half a day. You have to do a minimum of two days. So instantly at the cheapest one I could find that was around £100 for the two days I knew this was going to be a struggle. If my parents were to help me out then the I could cut the cost in half… but oh no wait…. I can’t do just one day!

When you really sit down and work out though what you will earn over two working days and minus the childcare costs you literally have enough money for a hot chocolate at Costa and maybe a muffin…

So then comes the question… why are we working two days a week to have £20/40 a week? We’re spending valuable time away from our little ones and paying someone else to basically bring them up! It’s such a hard place to be in.

Someone close to me had to sit down and work out to the penny whether or not they are better off going back to work or not but she simply needed the extra £40 a week she will earn to cover her daily living costs so she had to put one child in nursery and the other in after school club. Costing her a total of £94 per week… I mean that could be close to someones rent….

Another friend told me how when her and her partner went back to work full time as they were teachers and part time wasn’t an option, their childcare bill at the end of the month was £1000! That’s more than some house hold bills all together…

So how are mums expected to go back to work when we quite simple will be so much worse off?

A good friend of mine wasn’t bothered in me sharing that she, as a single mother doesn’t have this worry. She will have help… the government will pay 70% of her childcare, her household bills and give her an income..

I wanted to bang my head against a wall when I heard this.

I am nothing but happy for my friend. She has a roof over her head and doesn’t have to worry about her children and that’s all that matters.

When I filled in a form to see what help I could get I got a big fat 0… as I own my home, or my partner earns over a certain amount we don’t get any help. We are simply not entitled to it.

So again… why am I going to work???!

The government are keen to get mum’s back in work and get people off benefits but when you can barely make ends meet and would be so much better off it’s no wonder we’re in the situation we’re in as a nation.

On a personal note I need to work i also LOVE my job!! It’s just important I have that me time. Plus I’m a creative person and being in a dance studio helps me live that part of myself every week so I am in a very lucky position and I am truly thankful. I’d imagine there are many mum’s out there that want to work too! That would prefer to get up in the morning and have their own time and get to be them. For some it’s ESSENTIAL they do.

Sadly though from my research it’s just not that easy….

It will interesting to see how this develops in the future but personally I won’t hold my breath…

Much love


Interested to hear your thoughts and situations regarding the above! Leave me a comment!


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