If I could go back to each of these photo’s I would slap myself around the face….HARD!





At each of these points of my life I thought I was fat! I remember the one on the left so clearly…. I had a full blown hissy fit thinking I was huge! I mean…..WTF????

Weight has always been an issue….mostly in my head but as a dancer I am and have always been a ‘curvy’ dancer! I have a bum and huge boobs…and I can’t change that. Trust me i have tried!!! I have done every diet possible. Atkins, 5:2, slimming world, weight watchers and many more….. But honestly I believe the only thing I had in common in all of these photo’s was EXERCISE! I was dancing pretty much everyday!

You can try all these fad diets but it comes down to quite simply….

Eat well and move often and take your vitamins!!

No silly diets no quick fixes just eat the right things with the odd treat and enjoy exercise.

I say ENJOY because if you don’t enjoy it…why would you do it? You will dread it and feel like your torturing yourself. I’ve tried many times gym memberships but running on a treadmill for 30 mins is my idea of hell. I’m awful at it! I just get bored and can’t be bothered! Plus the amount of people who go to the gym in full makeup and the guys pumping iron like Arnie in the corner makes me feel uncomfortable so I prefer to do classes. Even better dance classes….

However now I have a baby the ability to just do something at the drop of hat as we know is not so easy. You firstly have to find a babysitter…which I already do to enable me to go to work so you don’t want to also feel like your palming your child off to any family member that will have them. Which is why  have started looking for classes for mums that can bring their babies along….very very hard to find. There are a few but not many!

Whilst pregnant I put on about 3 stone maybe more…. and praying each night that I will miraculously wake up with a flatter tum the next morning and it was all just a bad dream that I even put that much weight on is just not working for me… So time to sort it out. Especially with my heart the way it is. (My broken heart 💔 – Part One) It’s important to look after myself. Not just for me but for Lennon and Wayne too! Plus the better you look and feel the better life is in general.

Realising there’s not much option to exercise with a baby my lovely boss, her assistant and myself thought why don’t we arrange it! We have full access to what is undoubtedly the best studios in the south-west fully equipped for us to have a coffee morning with baby changing facilities. So we are officially starting our ‘Mum’s on a Mission fit club! Monday 20th November in Poole! I honestly can’t wait. You can bring your baby take part in an exercise class and we can even use our babies as weights! Not only is a chance to be you again and feel better you can have a drink after and chat to mums and get to know new people, who are no doubt going through the same thing as you! Bringing mum’s together to support each other makes me very happy so why not?! So sign up today and let me know your coming!!!

Plus you never know I could maybe one day look as I did above!! this time round I will fully appreciate it though….

Much Love

xx (coming soon)


Get in touch to come along!!!

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