Modern Day Family

Brothers and sisters are your first real friends. We learn so much from them as children and continue to as adults. We could learn how to be a mother from our sisters or  a father from our brothers. We could learn how NOT to approach a certain situation when we observe from afar how they went about it. We see them turn into our parents and show their qualities….good or bad! We pick each up when were down and are there to celebrate the highs when they happen. What would we do without them?

With the amount I have I felt it would be nice to write a little blog on ALL my clan….there’s a lot of them so this may take a while…..

I’m truly from what I would define as a modern day family. I am the oldest of (technically) 8 kids.  Not all from the same mum and dad, but in our family we don’t have half brothers and sisters. We HATE the term and have never used it. We are one family end of.  So in order there is…

Danielle…(ME), Perry, Jade,Joshua, Chelsea, Kelseigh, Jimmy and  Johnny

1377376_10151730558187087_962900529_nPerry, Jade and I have the same mum and dad and I would say are super close. We chat most days whether its via Facebook, whatsapp or a catch up call.All my childhood memories include these two and it was just us three for a good few years before the others came along.  They were genuinely the first best friends I ever had. I was always known as the goody two shoes and these two enjoyed laughing at their square older sister. I used to boss them about lots and had them dress up in my dance costumes and film them performing  routines I’d made up…..they hated me for it! Especially perry! haha…. I leave this one there….



16649209_10155018847082328_6576148025107209153_nPerry and I are very similar. We have the same morals. We have the same outlook on things and we have the same heart. He’s hand down the most generous caring father, partner and family member you will meet. ANd he works sooooooo hard!



20369210_10155388635701271_7968485198780632520_oJade and I as teenagers clashed massively. She messed up my room, or if I moved something of hers that drove her mad! I think it’s completely normal for sisters to clash at this stage in their life. Although we are like chalk and cheese even now, she’s one of my closest friends and the first person we rang when we were pregnant with our boys! I’ve learnt so much from her as a mum and will no doubt continue too. Jades care free spirit for life is infectious and I could only wish more of us were like her.



18157116_10155228646322389_3288354246799809380_nWhen I was about 7 my mum had Joshua. Although I have brothers younger than Josh, he will always be in my mind, my littlest brother. We all look at him like our little baby brother although if you saw him he’s not so little! The gym buff is rather built at this moment in time! Josh is always so full of energy and we are very protective over Joshua and he knows if he needs anything us older three will be there in a flash!



22549772_10155125378365369_2457451549821724379_nChelsea is my Stepdads daughter. She’s beautiful, funny and the one you would go out to party with!! Shes in the royal navy and is full of ambition. Every time I speak to Chelsea she talks of her life goals and always aims high. She’s hand down one of the most polite girls you will ever meet…but cross her and she won’t hesitate to tell you!


22282051_503184583375972_1038643205031108405_nKelseigh is my stepmums daughter. She’s been apart of our family for about 17 years so we all know no different. She’s everything you want in a daughter. Unbelievably intelligent, Super model looks and very dry sense of humor! However she has her flaws….her bedroom is the messiest thing you will ever see!!!!!! But hey …that is usually the case with most genius minds!

21314371_10211584321497021_6694111521689817194_n Little Jimmy is named after my dad. He came along when I was 21! After so many years of just us lot,  having a new brother of sister was a big change, one we all welcomed with open arms! I don’t know quite how to put into words this ones character. You spend 10 minutes in Jimmy’s company and you just fall in love with him. He’s happy, intuitive, caring, a worrier, ambitious and loves the limelight…. I feel he gets that last one from me. Aside of all these he’s got so much talent and his confidence is second to none.

12002410_10154224310739348_2292941530417772928_oLastly we have our little Johnny. Our mini Messi! 23 years younger than me he is the ACTUAL baby of the family. Johnny is the sweetest boy with the innocent nature. He lacks confidence which is frustrating to us all as he has so much talent! Along with his handsome looks he has impeccable style. Plus he’s amazing with babies and always knows how to make my little Lennon laugh.


Our modern day family isn’t for everyone, My mum even introduced my dad to his wife, Kerry when she had a BBQ in her garden! People always laugh at us for that story and the fact that they can all get on! We often talk about arranging one big family holiday! It makes everyone’s life easier and more enjoyable so why not?


Me, mum, Abigail, Kerry, Perry and Dad


Ever since having Lennon everyone has asked at some point, Will you have another? The answer is quite simply…as long as we can we will!!!

I love everything about having a BIG family so as long as we are able to we will definitely make that happen for Lennon! Growing up with brothers and sisters makes the boring times your mum and dad drag you somewhere you don’t want to be a little more enjoyable. They can help you create such special memories that only you guys will understand!

I love my ever growing modern day family and feel truly blessed!

Much Love



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