DIY Distraction.

So I haven’t blogged for a little bit as i’ve had a busy few weeks. The blogs I wrote this week were ones I did when I had more time and just them posted in my spare 5 seconds! I swapped blogging for DIY! We promised when we moved into this flat we would have done up at least some of these rooms before we’d been in it a year! Typical to my style I left it till October to even consider it…

We decided to decorate our bedroom as it was a cluttered mess and was quite dark and dreary! When we moved in we just made do but was defintely time for a change! I hate clutter, which is not good when you live in a flat with limited storage.

Here is the before….


One thing I’ve learnt about decorating…it’s stressful!! Because you have to clear out one room…EVERY other room in the house becomes a tip, a dumping ground, a bomb site! Thats just stressful in itself. Anyway it was only a few days and we came out the other side!

White is my favourite colour and I wanted to make it a nice chic comfy place for me and my other half. But not too girly, which were strict instructions from him…

My room now….

I’m really happy with the outcome and the flat is back to normal. So now I can continue to write! Many more blogs coming soon!

Next DIY job is the bathroom… I’ll keep you posted as I have a feeling that one will not be as easy…

Much Love


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