One order of babysitter please?

I follow quite a few different mum bloggers! All different styles of writers but they all totally inspire me all the time! I tend to stay clear of the ones that  pretend to live the Kardashian lifestyle as I just don’t find them realistic! I follow most through Instagram. Some of them have a few hundred thousand followers and I think fair play for getting there!! I’ve noticed during my stalking  that they often do the #AD to get paid for some of their posts….and why wouldn’t they? If you can make money from something we all do naturally everyday in this modern day world when money is rare,  we may as well!!

However….  I came across one of my favourite account advertising a new app! They were on a date night and they had used this app to find a babysitter for their 4 daughters who are all under the age of 10.

It got me thinking….

And researching…

Personally my initial response was ” ARE YOU F*KING KIDDING ME?” Is this what the world has come to that we can order some to look after our kids the way we order our takeaway on a friday night from just eat? I’m am so pro moving forward with technology but something with this just didn’t sit quite right!

I decided to turn to my trusted friend, Facebook… I know I can always get a good view from every angle on there. So I posed the question, ” would you use this app?” to my friends and family. I got many different views and was an interesting discussion.

The views were very split. One lady said ” I wouldn’t use this for my dog!”. That was joined by many..


“No way!”

“Definitely not!”

” I can’t believe this exists”

So I guess I wasn’t alone in my initial thinking….

After a  while though I thought about it and realised how lucky I was to have people around me that have my son for me. I work 3 nights a week and Lennon is looked after by my mum, Wayne’s mum and My step mum! I mean im spoilt for choice. Plus  know if I went to any of them and said i need a date night one of them would help me out. I’m lucky. Some people however, just aren’t that lucky. If they have no one around them at all to ever help them, give them a break, or just have an adult night then what would they do. I suppose those companies are a god send to those people?

A single mum now living in a new place escaping her old life…maybe she needs a little let her hair down night before she sinks into a world of depression? This could again be a huge help for her.

A young couple desperately trying to pay bills working so many days and nights to make ends meet having no childcare/ family around them?

So I definitely came to the conclusion they have a target market that’s for sure.

Reading some of the comments on this particular post was a real page turner! People were saying things like “You decided to have those children so nights out no longer exsist…simple!” I felt that was a tad extreme… just because I’m now a mum I don’t think I should give up my right to have a bit of me time!! In fact i think its essential!

On the app it indicates that the do background checks… now correct me if I’m wrong but what if someone went to trial and didn’t get charged? Then it wouldn’t appear on their file. That thought is a tad too scary for me! You really don’t know who you would be letting through the door then!

Someone bought up the fact that we let our children go to childminders and nurseries and these people are complete strangers, and were ok with that! I guess they have a point there. How well do we know our children’s teachers? However I know if i look at putting Lennon in a nursery it won’t be without careful consideration. I would want to view them, meet the carers and examine it with a fine tooth comb for certain! Something we wouldn’t be able to do through an app!

Chatting to a good friend via my question I posed I discovered a company called Sitters. Genuinely never heard of this before and oddly the office is based 5 minutes from me. This is a company that provides the same service as the app but have been running since 1967. This lovely friend of mine disclosed she worked for them for years and loved it. Plus their employment is as tough as becoming a teacher of a childminder. They are professionals in this industry. The company seems extremely reputable. Plus this lady knows her stuff she raised four amazing boys and was in the navy for many years! Shes basically superwoman haha!

So after much thought and analyzing I’ve come to the conclusion that the world and its mums aren’t quite ready to order a babysitter like they do their kebabs.

I certainly am not!

I will continue to rely on my family and friends and those I trust whole heartedly.

For those that don’t have that luxury I would definitely look into a company like sitters as at least you know the checks are there and its the safer option.


Much love




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