10 things that got me through being a new mum!

So in the first few days of becoming a new mum there’s certain things that really get you through! Things that made your life just that little bit easier! It so totally overwhelming bringing that tiny little human home and certain things that you didn’t give a second thought before now become a huge deal!

So here’s my list of a few things that I classed as my survival kit!


1- Slow cooker

12921_1Hand on heart I wouldn’t cope without this. My Nan bought me this years ago and i remember getting the gift thinking….really?? Am i that old? Now however, I simply would be lost without it. I buy a bunch of stuff, chuck it in, and voila! 8 hours later its made! I still use this most days now! I always make it when Lennon has his morning nap and it made my evenings a lot less stressful. If you don’t have one…… invest now!! They are totally worth it!

2-  Dry shampoo

415278_xlarge_1I’ve said in previous posts that time now  is precious! That includes an absolute luxury like washing your hair!! Even when I did get the time I always ended up thinking…oh I don’t have the energy for this!!!! Dry shampoo became my best friend in those first few weeks!! At least with some of that I look like a shattered new mum with not such greasy hair!


3 – Baby bean bag

17635353_10154722956237087_4708946148881627223_oI was bought one of these as a gift at my baby shower! I can honestly say it was a fantastic gift!! Lennon absolutely loved his! It kept it very snug and warm and was so comfy. He slept in it for hours plus I found I could move it round the house so easily! A purchase well worth it!


4- Family and friends

This kind of goes without saying! You NEED all the help you can get! just for the littlest things! One day my mum turned up and just cleaned my whole place just to help me! It made me feel less worried about doing it so took that stress off! Plus i used to text my mum and call her constantly! The stupidest questions sometimes ha!! All of my family ands Waynes family were on call whenever we needed anything though! I know i could have called any of them! For that I’m forever grateful! And to those doing it alone… I could never be that strong. I salute you!!

5- Google

LI_TRk1z_400x400I wish I could remember some of the stupid ass stuff I googled whist having a newborn!!! It would actually be comical! You just don’t know the answers to some of the simplest things because you’ve never had to do them before. When he moved a certain way or made a certain noise you just don’t have a clue… so I googled EVERYTHING! I don’t think there’s any shame in that! Plus my sister was prob getting fed up with me asking her every ten seconds ha!

6- Online shopping

Going out of the house was a huge task! Especially those first few weeks! I was almost scared to take him out. So the magic of online shopping was a god send!! A simple log on and click away then it turned up at your doorstep was great!! Especially if you have been to my flat and know what the stairs here are like! Just the fact that someone else carried up them for you was a relief!

7 – Apps 

unnamedSo this is definitely for the modern day world but I had a few apps on my phone that actually helped me! So soon after Lennon was born I seemed to forget everything! Actually if I’m being completely honest this started when i was pregnant…..BABY BRAIN!! I just couldn’t remember the last time I fed him. So I had an app that reminded me how many hours ago it had been since he’d last been fed! I know this sounds ridiculous but with the serious lack of sleep it helped me!!

8- White noise

Thank you Spotify!!!!! This helped little man to sleep on many occasions! Although sometimes it sent me and Wayne off to sleep and not the baby….

9- Caffine

September 6Sleep deprivation is the hardest thing hands down when becoming a new mum! Especially as when your pregnant you sleep soooooo much. Well I did! Then when baby comes along you get no sleep and its tough! Sometimes a lot of caffine was the only way I was gonna survive the day!


10- Shirls

17635299_10154722956882087_4056974172671836628_oMy amazing other half. He will kill me for writing about him but I quite simply couldn’t do any of it without him! Especially the beginning part. We are a team and you are my favourite person (next to Lennon) in the world. I was an emotional wreck most of the time and he was calm, cool and collected as always and I fully appreciate I’m a luc ky girl.


These are all just personal things to me! But im definitely intrigued at what you couldn’t have lived without in the first few stages of being a new mum! Make sure you leave me a comment to share.


Much Love





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