#Girl Power

Girl Power!

When the spice girls said that, they nailed it! Girl power is everywhere and we should be promoting it always.1bc53e1f143312e0b69952b4b54507d4--always-smile-a-smileI think it has a slightly cheesy feel to the saying but none the less I feel women who empower women are the best kind. Ones that say let’s stick together girls, or you look beautiful today, or you’re a f**king brilliant mum please don’t doubt that! These women are just amazing and I genuinely wish the world only consisted of them!

Since hitting 30 I think you look at things a little differently. In my 20’s and in the industry i work in it’s not always welcome! I think it would physically kill some girls to say ” You’re an amazing dancer!”. It an extremely competitive industry and that will never change for sure. It just come with the job. Especially when there is usually only 1 job and 500 girls going for it.  Don’t get me wrong though, not all dancers are like this at all. Some can always give credit where credits due.

I think it’s a real good characteristic  to be able compliment another person. Just one little positive remark can totally change their world too. So why do we not all do it more?

I know since starting this blog I’ve had a way more people than I EVER expected message me commenting on my blog! Some people have really complimented and shared every post and been…well, just awesome! I can honestly say that each comment or like no matter how big or small has made my day! It’s given me a little boost and made me lose any self-doubt I had in starting this blog! It’s such a great feeling to receive a compliment, so again i pose the question “Why do we not do more of it?”.

Since having a good old think about this, I’ve made a conscious effort to comment on people’s Facebook pics or Instagram posts or text someone once a day with a nice compliment. Someone from school got married the other week. I  haven’t actually spoke to them in about 16 years, but I saw a picture of their wedding and thought, Wow they look so beautiful!!

So I wrote it!

It took 10 seconds out of my life made absolutely no impact on my life! Yet, it may have made them smile. I mean i have no evidence it did… and they may have thought, who even are you? But hey ho, it was a compliment and there need to be more of them around!!

If Girls Always Treated Each Other Like We Do When We're Drunk In The Girls BathroomThen The World Would Be A Much Happier place

Women have come so far! Womans right’s is an interesting subject, one of which I’ve been reading up whilst writing this! But I’m not here to shout the facts and be all feminist on you! I just think that if we stick together and have each others backs, and reassure each other that were doing a good job maybe their would be a few more smiles around. I truly believe that behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other sucessful woman who have her back!

Much Love



Everybody needs a Bestie!

Its nice to be nice mummy’s!

Going Gaga.

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