Lennon…. The Outtakes!

If you follow me on social media you will have certainly noticed I LOVE  a picture…..or two! I’m obsessed with taking them. Once upon a time it was selfie i was snapping everyday and now I have Lennon i tend to lean more towards photographing him!! He’s much better to look at and I, as mentioned before in My 5 mum make up must haves! I don’t have time to glam up so the selfies don’t look quite the same!

I’d imagine over the past 7 months I have taken around 5000 photos!! This isn’t a joke! I told you i was obsessed….

But the reality, like for us all out of the 50 I snap in a single “shoot” i only get a handful of gems. Please see below…

The other hundred I take are not so… well pretty? But they are indeed funny! That’s why i thought I’d share some of them with you! After a great convo over wine with my dear friend Charlotte who suggested this blog idea (Thank you Charlotte).

I have no doubt when Lennon’s old enough he will HATE me for this, but i quite simply arent bothered! haha they are cute and so is he!! Plus there is a simple delete button if its that much of an issue!….(eye rolling!)

So here is my beautiful boy with his over expressionist face in the outtakes that didn’t quite make the cut!!!


Much Love


Read more here…..

Life changer Lennon  

Everybody needs a Bestie!

Fashion friendly or fashion faux pas?

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