Everybody needs a Bestie!

If you have a best friend that literally lives around the corner from you. A friend that you can trust with your life. One that you could call at any time of day or night, or the one who you’d call after you murdered your snoring husband. DON’T TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED!!


I feel some times as if I did exactly this. I used to live next door to my best friends when we lived where we worked. Our walls adjoined for a good few years and it was such comforting times. I would never have to get dressed to go round. The dressing gown was the item I’d always parade along the joining balcony that connected our doors. If i needed anything at the drop of a hat I could. To share something exciting, to cry like a baby or to just go sit in silence and watch loose women. Most importantly when my back needed tanning!! Although my other half does this now its NOT the same. It was always a step and a knock away.

She now lives 255 miles away  … and my others besties live almost 400 miles away.

17156304_10154671487557087_3605301150076890149_nMoving back to the south was the best step for me and moving forward with my life. I have no regrets what so ever. I lived away from my family for over 10 years and they are well overdue my company. But since becoming a new mum I miss my girls. 11018820_10152760000627087_3146410271036529932_nThe girls who have been through so much with me! I miss just being in their company whenever i want. Nowadays it takes careful planning and preparation, which is not always easy with a baby and work, just to see them!

Thanks to the wonderful ways of technology Video calling apps are a godsend. My son Lennon knows my friend Beth’s voice instantly as we try to do this often so he can see her and get to know her! However I strongly feel this isn’t the same. My bestie Jayde is moving to Dubai for a dance contract in a few weeks and I’m already dreading the time difference…. At the moment i text her any hour i require with anything!!! A quote. A problem. A joke. A screenshot… I fear this won’t be as easy with the time difference!

Becoming a new mum I discovered your emotions can be so erratic. One moment your happy next your hysterical. For no reason. Just the other day i cried because i couldn’t find the remote control for the TV!! That’s just plain mental! Your defintely at your most vunerable when your pregnant or have a baby at home. This is when you need your “besties” and “Baes”. I hate that word…but it’s mine and Jaydes thing,  so deal with it….

458814_10150899292527087_1376073041_o.jpgSo many times although surrounded by lots of family, and I do have lots, and my wonderful friends i have here, you just need ya bestest bud! So if you are one of those lucky ones whose Girl or guy is just round the corner, text them and tell them you appreciate it right now! Don’t take it for granted!!!

Feeling like this recently made me think of those that don’t have anyone around them. Moved from a new country perhaps? Moved to a new city? That made me feel a little sad so turning a negative into a positive I tried to come up with a few ways you can make new friends for those that aren’t a stroll or a Facetime away….

  • Join mum and baby groups… Although I didn’t have a great experience with this there are lots of groups out there so it’s important to try a few till you find one for you. Chat to the mum’s, ask to meet for coffee or if they are going to events etc.
  • Join mum groups for your area on Facebook…. I have joined a few! Local one’s and a lot of people I went to school go to regular meet ups or workouts with their babies! This is a great social thing!
  • Friendship websites. Online seems to be popular with meeting someone for relationships! So why not for friends too…..I feel this is good for people who just aren’t confident enough to ask outright! Behind a keyboard where everyone is looking for the same thing is a safe option! Here’s an example for women only too which is nice.
  • Ask work friends to meet….I used to meet my work friends regularly! But when you have a baby and go on maternity it changes so much you just struggle to find the time or if you have the time you are shattered!!!

Confidence is key I think when attempting all of these, which i know can be tough!! But if all else fails feel free to message me! 🙂

And to my besties…I miss you terribly!! I wish you were just around the corner still! But as our lives continue our friendship will ALWAYS remain the same!







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