Too early for the C word?

Does anyone else feel like they have just blinked and Christmas is almost here again? I say it every year but this year has just gone tooooooo quick! As Autumn is now upon us it’s time to admit that the inevitable is upon us! Santa is coming…

I am never organised tho. I am that awful person that the week before scrapes together every bit of money they have left and runs out on christmas eve to get gifts for all the family! And if you don’t know me personally, I have a HUGE family. My parents are divorced so I have step parents, so that instantly becomes the first 4. I then have 4 brothers, 2 sisters and a step sister. Some of them then have partners! Then i have nieces and nephews. Plus grandparents and in-laws! Christmas gets pricey and Organisation is clearly key. Yet somehow i just don’t do this!!!


Christmas day at my Nan and Grandad’s house!

You’d think I’d learn wouldn’t you? If you have read my previous blog The 7 P’s. you will know I suck at being organised. So this year i vow to make a change!

It is currently approaching the end of september and I have written a full christmas list! Yes i have! Huge pat on the back for me. I literally have never done that before in my life but i am so determined to be more organised.

Last year Wayne and I didn’t buy for each other as we bought our flat instead. Kinda of an expensive gift but worth while nonetheless. However this year he’s dropped into convo he knows what he’s getting me!!! Sorry what?? How are you organised!!! Now the pressure is on to get him a good present! Ideas on a postcard please people!!!

Plus this year we have Lennon… So what do you buy a baby who at christmas will be 10 months old? Lets face its he’s not going to have a clue. Plus that huge family i mentioned earlier will spoil him rotten!!! Our flat doesn’t have huge amounts of storage so I dread that already!! Trying to find places for the gifts.

I think the main reason I don’t get organised early on is purely because i think its become so commercialised. I like to leave thinking about Christmas till december, earliest November, otherwise its just all so over done!

But this year I’m doing it! I’m joining the masses and becoming organised early and plan on starting my Christmas shopping in the next few weeks!

Wish me luck!

ho ho ho….yuk!

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