My 5 mum make up must haves!

When I used to get to wear show make up I loved it!! All the glitter, all the colours, the more the better!! It would be my favourite time sitting and prepping my make up ready for stage! Trying different lip colours and new eyelashes. Plus it was fun sitting around with the girls doing this. I do love my girly time!

Nowadays its a slightly different story…

Make up is now a luxury.. If I get 5 mins to actually put some on I feel I’ve achieved something for the day! I learnt quickly that the kind of make up I used to wear when I was dancing did not look so great when you’re strolling around Tesco. It was time to tone it down! So I’ve put together my top 5 must haves that give me an everyday look suitable for mum life and doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes to do!

Simple BB Cream.

10160407This product is a life saver. It’s not heavy foundation which I find clogs my pores. It’s a coloured tinting correction cream that blurs flaws! I find it gives me a smooth appearance without causing spots that foundation can do. I apply this after a freshly moisturiser face and rub in with my fingers.

Simple Kind to Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm, 50ml – Buy Here.

Maybelline Eye Eraser.
2232664Now that I am heavily sleep deprived this product is ESSENTIAL! It covers up all those bags that are getting larger by the day. Its taken me a while to find one I really like but this high street brand is ideal. It does what it says on the tin. I use lots of it and dab, not rub it in with a beauty blender.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, Nude 6.8 ml – Buy here.

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.


This is a great investment and has a lot of uses.  Once ive put the eye corrector on I use the light powder just to creat a more matte look. Contouring is an art and if im going out out I will do it properly but for everyday use there’s some good shades included her to sculpt your face so its nice and natural looking.

NYX Hightlight & Contour Pro Palette – Buy here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow.

eyebrowsI am blessed with huge eyebrows and they are stupidly dark which with today’s fashion trends is great. However back in the early 2000’s when it was cool to have super thin eyebrows I’d spend hours and hours plucking away. This has resulted in when I tried to grow them out to keep up with the ever-changing fashions, not all of my eyebrows grew back. I am left with random patches where hair will just not grow!! So i fill them in with this dipbrow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof, Long lasting Eyebrow Colour in Medium Brown (Dipbrow pomade) – Buy here.

Rimmel London Scandeleyes Waterpoof Black Mascara.

51Lgqy5Qd4L._SY450_Mascara is essential for me and the darker the better!! If I’m not allowed to wear false eyelashes anymore then the blackest of black mascara’s it is!! I’ve tried so many mascara’s over the years. Expensive one, Gimic ones, Brown and blue ones! But I always seem to go back to a Rimmel one. This is my latest one I’m using and it does the job perfectly. Apply a few layers to get the real effect!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara, Black – Buy here. Only £4.49!!!!

So there you have it my 5 essentials that make me feel a little more me! I’d love to know what you can’t live without so don’t forget to comment and share with me! And more importantly don’t forget to take a selfie once your done! #thinkbeautiful

Much Love



Wearing all of the above!

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