10 things I need to do more or less of.

  • Drink more water – I literally say this to myself everyday! But I actually do need to drink more water. I have tried to have a water bottle I carry round with me but then before I know it…. I’ve left it somewhere.
  • Walk more. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the uk. Bournemouth seafront is beautiful. I’m fortunate enough to live a two minute walk from the seafront. I don’t take advantage enough.
  • Be on my phone less. Stupid I know now I’ve started my blog… but in general I waste so much time looking at meaningless crap!
  • Eat less chocolate. Easier said than done! Wayne is the ultimate chocoholic and I have a major Sweet tooth so together there is no hope.
  • Dance more. Although I teach I don’t dance for me anymore. I think it’s important to try to do this. It keeps me young.
  • Eat more veg. I actually love veg and cooking. But I can defo eat more! I considered becoming a vegetarian once but that lasted about 20 seconds when the thought I couldn’t have another bacon sandwich came to mind!
  • Worry less. I am an awful worrier. I worry about everything. I wish I didn’t. But I suppose it’s in my make up. I will however try to do this…
  • Travel more. So I know money doesn’t grow on trees but my aim to travel with Lennon and Wayne 🙂
  • Care less what people think. I have actually improved lots with this. I used to really care what people thought. I’m not completely at the stage where i don’t give a f**k yet, but that’s the aim!!
  • To tell those closest to me how much i love them more. Im so blessed with amazing family and friends. Although i tell them all lots you can never tell them enough!

I’ll keep you updated how i get on with these. Don’t hold your breath on the chocolate one.

Mwah xx

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