Top 10 Dance Movies

I’m obsessed with these type of movies. They give me a real buzz that can inspire me at anytime to jump up and high kick.

So from 10 down, here’s my all time faves…

  • 10- YOU GOT SERVEDThis movie is a real street dance movie and has made it at number 10 on my list. I was mainly excited to watch this one as the lead had played roger in my all time favourite programme asa kid, Sister Sister! With plenty of street battles to keep you entertained, You got served is a must for any street dance fan.
  • 9- TAKE THE LEAD.  Antonio Banderas as a Ballroom teacher attempts to turn around a bunch of down and out kids that don’t want to learn. They then enter a dance competition against elite ballroom dancers….kind of unrealistic but a good film. Plus the Tango dance sceen is to die for… B003XAXN0S_TaketheLead_UXWB1._V144614624_RI_SX940_
  • 8- HONEY This movie was a popular one! Especially the soundtrack. I cant count how many times I’ve had to make up dances to  I Believe! The song has a great feel good factor though. Mostly with this film i remember being able to learn Laurieanne Gibson’s Choroegraphy from the DVD extra features!
  • 7- GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN A 1985 classic! not many people have seen this film. It was one of Sarah Jessica Parkers first films. With a strict father not allowing her to use her talents she rebels and enters the TV contest! Cheesy, Classic 80’s, great leotards this movie is very nostalgic for me!
  • 6- FOOTLOOSE It goes without saying but i mean the 1884 version!!!! Ahhh Kevin Bacon! The scene when he rebels and dances round the empty barn in a town where music is banned is a favorite of mine. I often recreated that one around my nans bungalow! th
  • 5- SAVE THE LAST DANCE I think even enough your not a dance movie fanatic you have seen this one! Poor Sarah’s mum passes away and she’s made to go live with her dad in the rough parts of Chicago. Shes soon introduced to the world of Hip Hop and in the end finally gets a place in the school shes always dreamed of. I particularly love this story as I’m a huge believer in the more styles you know the better dancer you can be.
  • 4- STEP UP In all honesty i don’t know who i love more in this film…Channing Tatum or Jenna Dewan…now Tatum after meeting her future husband on set in this movie in 2006. Jenna is one of my idols as a dancer and as amother. I just love her. So if anything watch this movie to see to see
  • 3- CENTER STAGE This movie is for the dance film elites. A real inside to what its like to be a dancer…apart from the affair with the teacher! Filled with an amazing soundtrack and not known actors that are fantastic Dancers this one is a must see. The end dance sequence will always be an all time fave.
  • 2 – BURLESQUE I think Ive probably watched this movie around 100 times. I LOVE everything about it. The Music. The Costumes. The Dancers. The Dance scenes. Oh and Cam Gigandet is just…wow! This movie wants to make you get out your sequins and feathers and strip of burlesque style. 30743_m1288170582Brilliant performances from Cher and Christina too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And take the number one spot for me is…

DIRTY DANCING – This goes without saying! I have been obsessed with this film since i was about 9. I had it on Video tape and used to watch it through, covering my eyes on the racier scenes and the once it had ended rewinding it back and watching it all again. I copied every dance step and know every word to the movie.

I recently went to see it at the cinema celebrating its 30 years since release. It was my valentines day present from my amazing other half….who had never seen it!!! Shocking i know! But he loved it! He even got me tickets to see the stage show, which again was just brilliant!

Patrick Swayze for me is the ultimate! He was a true Professional and was definitely my first real crush! When he passed away i was truly upset, and honestly still get upset now when i think back to it. The man was an unbelievable dancer and i have watched him and his wife dance this particular piece over and over again! Have a look.

The final thing with me and this film is that i feel i got to live a part of it. Once a bluecoat always a bluecoat! tells you about my life as a dancer on a holiday park.

“Well if isnt the entertainment staff….”

Just an all round feel good film.

Obviously it goes with out saying these are just MY favourites. I’d Definetly be interested to know ones I’ve missed that you would add to your list!!!

Now I’m off to dig out my leg warmers and scrunchies and one of these movies.

It is Sunday after all. Day of Rest.




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