The 7 P’s.


Something I should really remember.

Remember those days when if you needed to you could grab your keys and run out the front door? Well the second you give birth that ends….

I mean always knew that your every day routine would change but I honestly never realised how hard it is to get out the door!!

What used to be a simple thing can now take me up to a minimum of 2 hours!

So Lennon usually wakes around 7am. He has a bottle then then he usually plays with his toys and watches CBeebies. While I grab a cuppa and some breakfast. Around 8ish Lennon has his breakfast… depending on the morning this can be a smooth sailing journey or a real torturous ride. Some days he cant get enough and some days I have to do a full song and dance to get him to even look at me. I perform a move or sing  to him which has him in hysterics, then BAM… mouth open in goes the food. After 20 mins of this I feel I’ve had a morning work out!


He usually needs his nappy changing around about now… this can be a task. Now he’s rolling over his ability to lie still is non existent. This now makes what used to be a five min job easily a ten depending of the nappy situation….

Then I need to dress him, secretly this is my favourite part of the day. Wayne likes to remind he’s not my doll… uhhhhh well he kinda is! Haha. Choosing his outfits are great fun. Dressing him usually does come with a photo shoot too, especially if I’m loving the get up, so that does usually add a bit of time on.

So by now it’s gone half 8 so you think,  yes I could totally get out the house for 9…. but then you go to pack his bags for the day and realise you haven’t washed and sterilized the bottles, so off you go. What a job that is, well, just a hindrance. Have you ever waited for the sterilizer to finish so you could pack a bag??? It’s like waiting for paint to dry? Watching the steam come out, tapping aimlessly on the counter. COME ONNNNN! When you have to wait for it it literally is the slowest thing ever!!!!!

Once bottles are all made and bag is packed in he goes in his little car walker and it’s my turn.

Shower lasting around 2.5 secs! Furiously drying yourself on the way to the bedroom. Grab the first thing I think will make some sort of outfit and shove it on.. I usually then look in the mirror,  have a hissy fit, or throw my shoulders forward as my friends say I do when I do not like how an outfit looks, realising it looks horrible and going back to find something else. By the time I have found the chosen one there are 5 pairs on jeans and 7 tops slung on the bed that need packing away,  which of course I’ll do later as well I CBA!

Dry shampoo becomes your best friend. Quick spritz of that. Slap some BB cream on and I’m good to go….


Back to Lennon in the hallway who is now scooting up and down like some sort of Italian driver and he’s rubbing his eyes like mad.. oh no he’s tired. This turns to hysterical crying within a few seconds so I grab the blanket and dummy and lay him on sofa. IMG_6782He won’t settle and I know it’s because he wants another bottle as by this time it’s 9:45am…. not getting out by 9am today then!

Bottle gets made up he has all of two sips and boom he’s out of it! So I sit and continue to watch Go Teletubbies and sing along to the theme tune!

An hour later he finally awakes…. uhhhhh it’s nearly 11am now Lennon?!!! So all plans of getting out early are diminished.

To be honest I’ve had mastered this a little bit better now. I soon had to realise organisation is key! Preparation is everything! Im getting better i promise…

But those times I’m not…never make plans with me before lunchtime, as well… I may be a tad late 🙂



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