The dancing dream….

I started dancing when I was 4. My Nan took me to a little dance school at the local community centre. She’d waited her whole life for this moment as she’d been made to give up dancing at age 13 when her parents simply couldn’t afford it any longer. Right then she made a promise that as soon as she had a daughter she would take her!!!

She had 3 boys…

So when my dad came home with her first grandchild, ME, my path was set out for me. She finally had the girl she’d been waiting for.

“I can’t wait to take her dancing!!!”

Luckily for my Nan I took to it and it soon became a huge passion.

IMG_6674Through my teenage years I moved schools a couple of times. Trying to find the right school can be difficult. Which ones cater for your ability? Who will help me achieve my goals? All things I had to consider as I knew early on this is what I wanted to do as a career.

I eventually found the perfect dance school. One that has produced some unbelievable dancers over the years. I trained here 5 days a week! Most of the day from about 2pm till 9pm! It was the best! I’m extremely lucky that i now get to work at this school as a teacher! Steppin’ Out!

I did gain a really good friend in one of my dance teachers from my earlier schools. We still meet after all these years for coffee and catch ups! She too still teaches. I believe It’s most dancers end goal to teach.To pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation. I truly love it!! When I’ve had a good class and my students come out buzzing there is a real sense of achievement and pride! I’d put it up there with the same buzz as being on stage!

When i was younger I loved Ballet! It was a real passion for me. Then when i got to about 16 i gained boobs and a bum!!! This is not wanted when you want to be a dancer! A flat chest is the dream… well in my case that is not the case!!! So it was time to rethink what direction i was going…

At 17 I found a love for Salsa! I sneaked into the salsa classes which were held in nightclubs just to go to the lessons!A bit of make-up and a heel and it was easy to get in! Plus this was 13 years ago, things may have been slightly more relaxed. My teachers were cuban and unbelievable!! It opened my eyes to a whole other world! The women were curvy, sexy and fierce!!!! I became obsessed. This is where i gained my love for Marc Anthony! No one understands this love for him so I’ll explain in another blog another time…

I got my first dance job and left home when i was 18. This was a big step and part of me now looking back thinks i should have listened to my teacher and waited…but it was a job and i was excited…and young! So off i went. Just down the road to Portsmouth on a holiday park. Out in the big bad world, or at least what i thought it was at this time!

Eventually I found my niche. Commercial dancing. I kind of fell in to the style but i took to it pretty quickly and I’d say that’s what I’m known for these days.

The dream from a very young age has always been to dance, and after a few attempts at “normal” jobs I’ve failed and always ended up back in the studio. I pray that my body allows me to keep going with dancing as long as physically possible! The saying ” Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” is sooooo true! I am blesssed that I can live by this quote.

Overall though the dream has only been possible thanks to my Nan and Grandad. My Nan having that passion from day one that she drove into me! They never missed a competition, an exam, a class. They paid for everything up till I went full-time when my lovely dad worked his socks off to pay…They have been by biggest supporters from day one! All my family have.

Dancing has always been the dream and will definitely continue to be.

Only do what

Steppin’ out Academy of Performance –  If you live in the bournemouth or poole area check this school out 🙂

Going Gaga.

Once a bluecoat always a bluecoat!

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