Fashion friendly or fashion faux pas?

“Why are you dressing like a 20 year old street dancer? Your a 30 year old mum.”

The exact words my other half said to me not too long ago. Said with a heart full of love but brutal honesty. He was right. I had to re-evaluate my style…

While i was dancing for a job it was convenient to wear comfy clothing. Clothing that would allow me to burst into dance at anytime (Trust me i did that)! So when that becomes your every day style you have to jazz it up a bit. Find the coolest trainers, the hippest sweat pants, the streetest (not a word) hat! Or in mine and my best friends case buy mens oversized t-shirt and cut it up. Make it our very own. The designs we used to come up with are hilarious, but we thought it was cool and it totally fitted our lifestyle and dress sense. Although she still does this so i wont diss it too much…im only jealous she still gets to wear this! haha!

trainers 2

Once i stopped dancing full time i continued to dress like this and i never really saw it as an issue. Till wayne said those exact words. I’d just had Lennon and was turning 30. So maybe it was time to reconsider the street gear?

So the next time we went out i dug out the mummiest top i had. Something floaty my nan bought me. Paired with jeans and some boots and i now feel…..30.


Needless to say this didn’t last.

Its tough.How do you make the transition. I suppose no one tells you what you can and cant wear and i totally admire those that say ‘fuck it’ and wear exactly what they want! For me it was finding a happy medium still trying to dress funky and cool, but have a fun mum element too it.

Wondering if i was alone in these feelings i chatted to close friends and family. It amazed me how many agreed!! I’d discovered that they saw these amazing dresses that their daughters and their daughters friends were wearing and thinking “hmm when do you stop being able to get away with wearing that?” It’s hard because you feel like your almost having to admit your getting older… and no one wants to do that. It’s finding what makes you comfortable , fashionable, appropriate and not lose your identity! Good luck with that….

I think I have finally found my happy place with my clothes. Apart from it being expensive “updating”my wardrobe. I have a happy medium. I street the hell out of my clothes when I go to work teaching and during the day I dress a little older.

But still with a funky edge.

At the end of the day you don’t want to lose you!!!

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