Blogging? The way we do things in 2017. Spill the details of our personal ways for all to read and judge. When I was a child I had an diary…. with a lock! Petrified that my brother and sister would find it and out my deepest darkest secrets (who I fancied) to the masses. Which they did! And read it anyone who would listen…. a story for another time. And yet here we are in this modern day world blogging exactly that….on the internet…. for the world to see! How times have changed.

Thinking about what I wanted to blog about has taken me some time! I knew I wanted to write. I find it therapeutic and always have an ongoing blog in my head. But what about? What do people want to read about? Me? Nah! So what do I have in common with the rest of the world that I have some knowledge on? What stories have I got to tell? Well the truth is only two things…. being a new mum and dancing! So that’s it settled. I’ll have a go at writing about my previous world of a travelling dancer. The life of glam, Parties, shows, tours, performer and whirl wind entertaining. And my life now… a new mummy to 6 month old Lennon. An entirely different world. A housewife. A parent that this little lads life full depends on.

So here goes. My online diary of A Dancin mummy!!

Let the show begin 🙂

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